SHEROES builds formidable remote workforce of certified, skilled women

Updated: Mar 27

Managed Remote Solutions (MARS) by SHEROES connects the dots between companies and connected women workers, delivering almost 30% in savings to businesses.

With the coronavirus scare going viral, remote work in a buzzword that millions of businesses are embracing. But way way before, SHEROES began building its enterprise product MARS (Managed Remote Solutions). MARS creates value for businesses while offering credible work, and a monthly pay cheque to the remote women’s workforce.

The product manages everything from payroll and HR compliance to training and security checks, and is an end-to-end process outsourcing platform where companies see a significant value in terms of quality and savings. It is akin to a modern-day BPO, but with negligible attrition as remote worker; loyalty is almost 95%. Collectively, MARS impacts balance sheets, the GDP, sustainability (by reduction in carbon footprint), and the gender index by empowering women.

Some of the common challenges faced by businesses include scaling up in the required timeline, managing P&L impact while scaling up and temporary scaling up to meet seasonal demands. MARS can scale a 100-Member team in 10 days, comes with a 30% savings on overheads and tax benefits, and offers an on-demand workforce to scale up and down, based on real-time needs.

“MARS manages remote processes like a well-oiled machine with nothing left to chance — festivals, emergencies included,” says Pallavy Bohra, Head, Delivery — MARS By SHEROES.

MARS clients include Zomato, Unilodgers, Clovia, Philips, PayTm, OxfordCaps, to name a few, and range of process offerings by MARS comprise customer Support, Quant Analysis, CMS — Social Media Management, Multilingual Support, TeleSales Solutions (in multiple languages), Data Entry, Customized Solutions — tech/non-tech, GigWork — Project Based.

Till date MARS has served over 20,000 businesses and deployed over 10,000 women based in 560 plus locations. MARS resources undergo a rigorous training & certification, and only 20% of the women who apply, actually make it to the final pool of deployable MARS resources.

The product while creating value on the business end of things, is also creating tangible impact in the lives of women. The women of MARS, are committed, skilled and extremely savvy about the remote work mode. They might be care-givers, single moms, or based in a remote geography — but they bring their A-game to their work, and bust all the stereotypes of the sloppy, unproductive remote worker.

36-year old Ramandeep Chugh, a dedicated MARS resource, and mom of two girls, based in Bhopal works on a process related to the verification and authorising of executives for a new project. “This is my first remote gig, but the remote team as well as MARS team leaders are very supportive,” she shares. Cecelia Joseph, a parent single-handed raising her kids in a remote town, is a dedicated MARS resource, and was able to build her work profile and gain financial independence, through her journey.

“Being able to work remotely is a skill and MARS by SHEROES bridges the gap on both sides —the organisation and the workforce — enabling a free flow process around delivery of work and managed outcomes, “ says Supriya, Head - Corporate Relations at MARS by SHEROES.

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